Mid-month Considerations

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I plan on walking 150 miles and writing 150 new very short essays/poems/stories.

I’m currently in one of my busiest seasons for work, so I knew I wouldn’t get too much accomplished with these goals until at least the middle of the month. Since we are at that point right now, I need to hustle.

I figured out the other day that in order to meet my goals for the year, I will need to walk 12.5 miles a month and write 12.5 essays/poems/stories a month. At this point, I have walked 1.5 miles and wrote one tiny essay. So I have 11 more miles to walk and 11.5 essays/poems/stories to let loose. I’m not too worried about this. I’ve tried to walk multiple times at home, but there are a bunch of boxes temporarily stacked on my treadmill. Those boxes are all getting moved this weekend, and with two weeks left in the month, I’m sure I can easily walk an additional 11 miles. I do need to prioritize my writing. I don’t have a steady output right now, as I haven’t really written in a while. Because of that, it isn’t so easy to just jump right back into things. I’m really going to need to try to get something written every night to keep up with this goal for the year. As apprehensive as I am about this, I’m also hopeful. Writing regularly usually gets me in the correct mind-frame, so I’m hoping that if I work hard at this now, it will just keep me going in the right direction next month.



  1. Holly says:

    I need to write more regularly too … I do the writing that pays the bills but completely neglect my own writing. I need to re-prioritize! Good luck with your goals!

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