Reverb Catch Up: Days 29-31

Prompt for December 29:  Try.  What do you want to try this coming year?  Is it something that has been on the bucket list for a while, or is it something you swore up and down to others you’d never, ever do?  What new waters – those uncharted or those well-navigated – will you dip your toes into this year?

I will literally be dipping my toes into the Massachusetts water this year. I did my first Polar Bear Plunge in 2011 in Connecticut. In 2012, I plunged in Rhode Island. This year, I’ve decided to jump in the cold Massachusetts water. What will I do in 2014? Who knows? I highly doubt I’ll drive to a different state to plunge. But I feel pretty excited to have done three different states for my first three plunges.

There is so many things I want to try in 2013. I really want to start teaching at the college level. That is one of the biggest items on my wish list for the coming year. But in all honesty, I just want to embrace any new opportunity to come my way. I want to experience my life in 2013. I want to take risks; I want to play it safe. But in all that I do. I want to LIVE it. So anything that comes my way, I want to be game to try it.

Prompt for December 30:  Undone.   Bucket Lists, To Do Lists.  Always crossing things off.  2012 is almost over, what is still left standing?

The first thing that comes to mind is organizing, work  and communication. There is a lot I want to sort through and organize at home: school stuff, apartment stuff, clothing, crafts, everything. I have so much to do at work, and I’m sure it won’t be completed by the end of the workday today. Who knows though, maybe when I get it I’ll develop some wild motivation and skills I didn’t know I had. There are emails I need to send to friends, especially the ones I need to respond to. I want to be better with my communication in this coming year.

Prompt for December 31: Clean Slate: Tomorrow begins a new year.  What will you do with your new beginning?

Have I mentioned how much I love new beginnings? Because I do. As much as 2012 brought me many great things (my MFA, Spry Literary Journal, living with my guys), it was a difficult year for me. At the beginning of 2012 a lot of bad stuff was happening to people in my life. I found myself regularly saying, “I’m ready for 2013.” Well, now, that time is here, and I’m okay with it. In my own personal life, 2012 was a nice year. I feel bad for not “liking” the year more because of all the great experiences I did have. I’m certainly grateful for all the great moments in this year. I’m just ready for 2013. I have some big hopes and dreams for this year. Will they come true? Who knows. I just know that I’ve written them all down and will promise to share it with you if they do happen.

I wish you all a beautiful 2013. May this year bring everyone luck and happiness. I’m thankful to have you guys around while I document my life, and I’m thankful for those who include me in their lives too. I’m really grateful for all the blessings 2012 brought me. Here’s to new, wonderful moments in 2013.


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