Weekly Internet Finds: Take 26

I’ve officially posted my internet finds for you all for half of the year.

My former MFA mentor, Porochista Khakpour (who we interviewed for the first issue of Spry) wrote a great article about her feeling toward guns after the Newtown shooting. I know there are opinions all over the media about guns, mental health, etc, but this is a read that is worth your while.

I wanted to congratulate Sara on her hard work in graduate school and wish her luck as she does her student teaching in 2013!

AJ (who interviewed us on Spry pre-publication) posted some of her favorites now that Spry is live. Thanks so much for sharing, AJ.

I just wanted to say how proud I am of my friend Mike on his weight loss journey.

Patti – who has a daughter who is an “Aspie”- wrote a great post about Aspergers in light of the current media frenzy.

I really hope the world doesn’t end today (but seeing how yesterday was the 21st in Australia, I think we’re good to go).

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