Goals: November and December

I kind of kicked ass on my November goal to blog every day of the month and in doing so, write about things I’m grateful for. You can check it all out on the blog by reading the previous posts or just clicking on the NaBloPoMo category.

My goal for December is to be present and at the same time make shit happen. Yup.

December is always a busy month for me. I have so many family and close friend’s birthdays, the holidays and all the get-togethers that come along with the holidays, regular work stuff, decorating, normal family time, Elf on the Shelf fun, shopping, etc. I used to also have a MFA residency to prepare for. Since I’ve graduated, I don’t have to worry about this anymore, though I do have two (or more) planned trips to CT to visit the residency. It’s not easy to get rid of me! You think that losing the residency would help me be more calm and relaxed this month, but Spry, my new literary journal, is publishing its first issue on the 15th and I am struggling through edits and website stuff to pull this all off.

I love this month. I really do. I  know I can’t add any crazy goals to accomplish, so I’d rather just sit back, work really hard at accomplishing my normal December goals and be present, calm and relaxed through the whole experience. Let’s see if I can pull it off.


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