Creative Friends

I’m so glad to have such creative, helpful, insightful people in my life. I know I’ve been talking about Spry a lot, but I’ll probably do quite a bit of that until it launches on December 15th. Last week I wrote about my co-founder/editor Linsey Jayne. Today I am thankful for our friend Cisco Covino who has been helping us with most of our designs for issue #1. This is his most recent design, and we absolutely love it. How cool is this?


    • erin says:

      Thank you! I am so happy with Cisco’s design. We are done reading for the first issue and making final decisions now. However, we have decided to keep the submissions manager open, rather than shutting it down for a few months, so if you are interested in submitting, you still can… it will just be considered for issue #2!

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