Trying new things

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to try new things. Not only that, but I’m grateful for my own motivation to try things. I’m specifically talking about cooking in this post, but it do still mean it generally. I used to be convinced that I probably wasn’t a good cook. Why? I’m not sure, because I never cooked regularly. How can you judge talent when you aren’t even trying. Then, when I decided I wanted to learn how to cook, I was so fearful to try anything. But I did try, and the more I cooked, the better I became.

Tonight I cooked two recipes I found on Budget Bytes that looked incredible: Sriracha Chicken Strips and Dragon Noodles. Let me tell you, I am so glad I found this website and I can’t wait to try EVERYTHING. I took the leap tonight with these two dishes and let me tell you they turned out pretty great. The dragon noodles were Mr. O’s favorite (mine too!). The sriracha chicken strips weren’t too great, but not because of the recipe…because I cooked them too long and didn’t follow all the instructions. They weren’t bad though, so I will definitely attempt the recipe in the future.

I want to make sure that I don’t live my life-even with the very small moments/decisions-being afraid to do things. I’m proud that I keep trying new things.


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