Veterans Day

Today is an easy one. I’m so grateful for the veterans who serve our country.

Some of my newer readers may not know this, but my friend Robert was killed in Afganistan by a suicide bomber while serving his country. I don’t need a holiday to remind me of him, but especially on a day like this, I want to take a moment and remember him for the young man he was. I remember when he died, I made a promise to myself to try to really live as if every day could be my last. I so easily get so consumed with the day-to-day minutiae, that I don’t think I live well enough up to this promise. But when I think of Robert, I think that we are all here to live a little bit harder and love a little bit longer and he isn’t… So let’s do it for him.

I also want to acknowledge my wonderful grandfather who retired from the Navy. He served in multiple wars and was the most handsome sailor I’ve ever seen.

And to my friends who’ve served overseas. Thank you so all that you’ve done.

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