365 Photos: 249-257

Day 249: A homemade muffin I brought to work for a snack 10/9
Day 250: A pay phone! When was the last time you’ve seen one of those? 10/10
Day 251: Cereal in a grapefruit container 10/11
Day 252: Oysters! I already want more 🙁 10/12
Day 253: Plymouth Rock is much smaller than you’d expect 10/13
Day 254: Ready to start cooking a new recipe (which will find its way to the blog soon!) 10/14
Day 255: Mr. O is selling this brand new container of PUMP. It’s a workout supplement. Email me if you want it. 10/15
Day 256: Trying to organize my desk at work 10/16
Day 257: A painting and card on my desk at work 10/17


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