Weekly Internet Finds: Take 20

I’m excited that I’ve shared weekly updates with you 20 times this year. My new goal is to make sure I do at least 6 more weekly shares before the year’s end, so that I will have done this for at least half of 2012.

Peter posted yesterday about finding love in the blog world. I think this post is simply fantastic and urge you all to read it. This line – which is so true in so many forms, not just blogging – actually made me laugh out loud: “Remember that it could be his/her place to vent. Keep that in mind. They might not be like that every day. It’s like only ever seeing a girl at the gym and thinking, ‘Wow. She’s ALWAYS sweaty.'”

Ashley’s post about “picking” and bad habits was super interesting and I kept clicking her links to new articles and then their links to other articles.

Andrea’s post about her Fantasy Self really spoke to me. I beat myself up sometimes for not accomplishing things I’m not even trying for. Sometimes I think I should be this type of person or do that type of thing, but in reality, I’m just me. I love the idea of a Fantasy Self and I’d love to sit and just ponder who I would be in my fantasy life.

I feel like Kristen is writing about me in her post on action and procrastination. I’m having a hard time with my goal of the month (organization) and all I really want is to get my stuff together.


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