Weekly Internet Finds: Take 17

I’ve known my whole life that I wanted children. My heart hurts for the couples who want children and cannot have them. In truth, I’ve always been a bit confused about why people don’t want to have children (since I feel so strongly about it).  But it isn’t a judgement on my part, it’s an honest curiosity. So I loved reading Renee’s post on how she is indifferent to having children. One point that she makes that I whole-heartedly agree on is that we “live in a culture of compulsory child-rearing and I’m not okay with that.” I’m not okay with that either, and I think it takes a strong, intelligent individual to 1) truly consider whether or not they want to have children and 2) make a decision either way. It isn’t “right” or “wrong” to want or not want children, but I do think we need to seriously make the decision for ourselves and not just have children because it is the “next step” in a relationship. Thanks for sharing this, Renee. I’d love to read more on this subject by you.

While we are talking children, I’d like to mention how freaking cool I thought it was that Angela had an international baby shower via Google Hangouts. OMG. This is so awesome. That’s it, I just thought it was creative and cool.

Finally, I just wanted to send a quick Happy Birthday to Kerri and Sarah who also both turned 28 this week. I loved how Kerri wrote, “As far as twenty-eight? I’m surprised by how familiar it feels” in her post. I’ve only been 28 for two days, but I will agree with her. That, and I too have been the twenty-something who’s had to stop and think “how old am I?” when people ask me my age. And I think Sarah has a great attitude about accomplishments and turning 28.


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  1. Renee says:

    Thanks for the link love, love! I’m sure this subject will come up again and again in my life, so I’ll probably continue writing on it. Heck, I might make a research paper out of it. 🙂

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