A Million Dollars

Recently I’ve seen some type of this meme on Amy and Ashley and Gina’s blogs. I decided to play along too. What would you do if you suddenly received one million dollars to spend however you’d like?

If I had a million dollars (that I couldn’t invest or save in any way) I would…

…pay off my student debt.
…pay off the little I have left on my car.
…build my own house on a realistic-sized lot that isn’t ridiculously extravagant, but still pretty awesome.
… buy all the furniture, etc needed for the house.
…take a kick ass two to three-week vacation with Mr. O and Wolverine.
…send my parents on a kick ass vacation.
…hire the entire cast of avengers and Xmen to come hang out in costume for a weekend (Okay, I might not be able to afford this, but maybe just if Wolverine will come).
… gift whatever pennies I have left to my new business venture that will be announced soon.


  1. Angela Noelle says:

    Aw, the one about your parents is so sweet 🙂 I think I would pay off our WA house, buy a new car, set aside two college funds, go on an amazing vacation Down Under, buy one pair of amazing Christian Louboutins and a couple pairs of stupid expensive but awesome jeans, and then probably invest the rest because I’m fairly boring 😉

  2. Holly says:

    If I had a million dollars I would pay off our car, buy a house (nothing too fancy, just a nice family house in a good neighbourhood), furnish said house, buy my parents a hobby farm in NB – and if I had any money left over, I’d plan a trip to Italy with Nathan 🙂

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