Friendship: Online and In Real Life

I have always been blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life. Sometimes I think, “How did I get so lucky to meet these incredible people,” but then I realize, in a strange way, I have a high standard of friendship. I meet lots of people, but you aren’t going to be in my close circle unless you’re a fantastic person. That, and kindness attracts kindness; friendliness attracts friendliness. I’m also lucky that the majority of my friends are also friends with each other. I honestly cannot wait to own my own home (especially in the summer) because I just want to have an open invitation to all my and Mr. O’s friends to have cookouts and get-togethers regularly.

But I’m getting away from the point. I started blogging in 2008. I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d “get” from blogging. I knew I wanted to write and was hoping it would get my mo-jo back to apply to graduate programs in creative writing. I never expected to make real friends from blogging…but I have. Two of my all time favorite bloggers are Erin from Speckled Palate and Kate from Suburban Sweetheart. I’ve known them both for years now, and they are spectacular humans. Erin really made me feel comfortable with the process of becoming friends with someone you’ve never met before. We’d text each other and chat about our days; sometimes we’d talk on the phone . Kate and I used to chat online all the time a few years ago and were in similar life situations. Then she moved to the state near me, and for a few years we lived about an hour away YET, we never hung out until a few months before she moved to New Jersey. We are such sillies.

The first blogger I ever hung out with was the lovely and multifaceted Elizabeth from Her New Deal. She and her husband were living in Boston at the time and we went shopping and to dinner. Unfortunately she now lives in Texas (do I drive bloggers states away?) but I love to read the updates on her beautiful daughter and the incredible things happening to Elizabeth as well. The second blogger I ever met was Kristen from Life By Kristen. She was a Stratejoy Blogger last season and then one day I realized she lived in the next town over from me. How wild is that?

Last week, I was head over heels after meeting San from The In Between Is Mine and her awesome husband. San and I found each other’s blogs sometime last year and hit it off right away. We are so similar in so many ways. We started the Fierce Love course at the same time, and we’re going to keep each other on track with our goals. San and her hubbie were on vacation on the east coast last week and they were kind enough to take a slight detour in MA to visit with me. We went to lunch right down the street from my work, and they both had Portuguese food for the first time. I was so sad to see them go after having such a nice afternoon.


Years ago, I would have thought it were nuts to make friends on the internet. Now, I’m just so thankful to have met these incredible humans. Sometimes I wish I lived right near all of them so we could spend more time together, but I know I’m just lucky to have them in my life. Thanks, guys.



  1. Kristen says:

    Bummed I couldn’t meet up with you and Sans!
    Even more unfortunate is that we live in the next town over and haven’t seen each other in months! Damn adult life and plans getting in the way of fun 🙂 Let’s change that ASAP!

  2. erin says:

    We missed you, but understood. It’s so tough to finagle work stuff. I know! We need to get together ASAP. I graduate next week, so I’m thinking my free time will start to grow? Maybe? lol. Whats life like for you at the end of this month or beginning of next?

  3. San says:

    Awww, it was so, so lovely to meet up with you and not weird at all! It’s like we knew each other already… and J keeps talking about how nice you were to treat us to lunch! 😉

    I am bummed that Kristen couldn’t make it, but hopefully there will be a next time…. I want to come back to New England, ASAP!

  4. Holly says:

    I know what you mean about blogger friends turned real-life friends – though I have yet to meet my closest blogger friend 🙂 We’ve been blog/e-mail/snail mail pals for more than ten years now – you’d think we’d have found a way to meet in that time, but nope! Love the pic of you and San 🙂

  5. katelin says:

    aw what a cute picture! and right? it really is wonderful to think of the people we’ve met online through blogs, it’s a lovely little world.

  6. Melissa says:

    That’s so fun that you get to meet so many bloggers and turn them into IRL friends! I’ve never met any yet, but I still hope to one day! It’s always tougher as a Canadian blogger because I don’t know many of them!

    That picture of you and San is super cute :)!!

    • erin says:

      Yeah I can see how that is tough. I feel like most bloggers don’t live near me… I’ve just been very lucky to meet the ones I have.

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