Weekly Internet Finds #11

These photographs are breathtaking- so is the story behind it.

I loved reading the post on Yes and Yes about how to price your product. When you are a small business, pricing can be quite difficult- especially when you are selling to people you know. In my wedding planning/floral design consultation business, I always shortchange myself. I don’t think I’ve ever charged what I should be, and I can admit to that. Part of the reason is that I’m sometimes doing it as a gift to a friend or family member. But mostly, I have a hard time charging anyone I know. Usually I break about even after paying for the product and the miscellany that comes with the job, like gasoline to drive around, set up, etc. Word to the wise: You can’t make money if you always break even. I think I’m going to build up my business again now that school is soon over, and in doing so, set some fixed prices for my services. We shall see!

I’ve written about this a bunch of times before, but my friend A.J. has a great book. Now she is looking for people to name her protagonist. Yes. You can be the person who names her main character. You have until Jjuly 19th. Make it happen.

I loved Renee’s post about Kavalena and their clothing. Who knew you could do SO MUCH good by just shopping. Really- so much good.


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