Weekly Internet Finds: Take Four

Something would be very very wrong if I didn’t mention Tupac as my very first internet find. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you might not know that Tupac performed at Coachella this past weekend. I am so super bummed that I missed this. If you didn’t know, Tupac died in 1996, so seeing him in concert 16 years later is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’m okay with Sarah Silverman. Sometimes I think she is quite funny, but in all honesty, I don’t pay careful enough attention to have much opinion about her. However, I’m pretty turned off after reading an article on her “before and after abortion” pictures. I think Republicans are complete idiots for even wanting to overturn Roe-vs-Wade, and I have very stong opinions about that, but I do not think something like this most recent stunt of hers is in the smallest bit funny. In fact I think its insensitive and ridiculous. It has totally turned me off.

Amy is a year out of her 30’s and she wants to use this time wisely. She wants to go into her 30’s prepared and wise and happy. She’s looking for your advice. What do you wish you knew before you turned 30? Are you still in your 20’s? What kind of things are you doing, or do you want to do, before you turn 30? Head over to her blog and share your insight…or just wish her a happy birthday (it’s tomorrow!)

Have you checked out Ashley’s new business? Do you know any teenage girls? If so you all should check out her new website. Your Super Awesome Life is an empowering site for young ladies to encourage them to live authentically and appreciate their incredible lives.

My friend Linsey shared this poem with me a while back, and I think you’d like it: Having a Coke with You


  1. Melissa says:

    The Tupac thing both freaks me out and amazes me. Snoop Dogg is coming to my city in early August with a huge festival and we’re all kinda crossing his fingers that he brings that hologram with him. That would be extremely epic, and since I’ve been a fan of Tupac for some time… Well it would just be ridiculous. But like, the idea of it is SO scary. I honestly hope they don’t make this a regular thing with a ton of dead singers because the novely would wear off so fast. Ah well. We’ll see!

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