I really loved San’s post on the first of her twelve resolutions. It was really bothering me for about a week after reading the post, because I too wanted to be involved in this 12 Resolutions project. But I lucked out folks. The other day when I was sharing my leftovers with my mother, I remembered one of the resolutions I set out for myself: to waste less.

I won’t lie folks, this is something I really kicked ass at in January. Between school and moving and cooking and shopping and birthdays and anniversaries, I let very little go to waste. I started thinking about this resolution in 2011 when I realized just how much food Mr. O and I were throwing out after dinner. It drove me nutso, so I vowed to change this in 2012.

And I really, really did in January. So count me in! I’m going to work on a new resolution every month and share my journey with you.

My goal for February is to PURGE! Isn’t that slightly strange to follow my month of trying not to waste? One of my new 101 goals was to purge 101 items from my life. Why not get it done this month?! I have boxes to sort through from the move, so there is no better time. Plus, I was inspired by Ashley’s organization project last month. Since this is going to be a monthlong challenge for me (one that already started!) I will maybe do a whole week of organization posts with pictures in the beginning of March.


  1. Holly says:

    We have the same February goal 😀 I started out strong with a good purging session of both bathrooms – then I got sick (I always have a cold!) – and I haven’t touched anything since. Maybe this weekend?

    • erin says:

      YAY! I kept thinking “AWwww Man, I wish I knew about this…but the I remembered that not wasting was actually something I wanted to work on in 2012, and I did a good job of it in January! And I really have been working at purging this month, so I’m real excited to be participating!

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