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Days Until 2012: via Apparently, when I uploaded these photos from my phone, I neglected to upload the words I typed. Don’t fret, readers! It was as easy as pressing “upload” again on my phone and problem solved!

A few of my favorite ornaments in no particular order:

Mumble! (Did you know that was his name? I thought it was Mambo)

A few of my very good friends were stationed on the USS Enterprise, and one of them got me this ornament. I’ve experienced many Big E deployments, and this ornament was actually purchased when they were stationed in the Middle East during September 11th. This one is real important to me.

This was my first ornament ever!

This is one of Wolverine’s new ornaments this year. He’s sitting right at the top of the tree close to the star (right near the actual spider we have living in the tree who Wolverine named after himself)

I got this ornament last year in honor of my very good friend Robert who was killed in 2010 while serving his country. This one is also pretty symbolic, because he died on my brother’s birthday (who he was closest too) and my brother has loved nutcrackers since he was a little boy.

How artsy is this one? This is the first ornament that I made (in 1988). I think I vaguely have some memory of making it too in nursery school, but nothing particular stands out. The ornament in the back was given to me by my best friend’s mom, who is like my second mom.

And here is the completed tree! Gorgeous isn’t it?

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