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So the other day I mentioned the snacks I made for girl’s night. For my last installment of my current cooking projects (#6), I figured I would share the process with you. First I lined a baking sheet with wax paper, and then put down a layer of waffle pretzel bottoms. (There was a lot broken pieces in my bag)


Next was as simple of putting the Hershey’s Kisses on each pretzel. The one stinky part was unwrapping all the Kisses, but Mr. O was kind enough to assist me with this step.

Now it was time to stick the pretzels in the oven.I think we had the temp to 250. These little guys heated up SO QUICKLY! One second I was looking through the window on the stove and thinking it would need a few more minutes to get melty. The next second they were almost fully melted…which you do not want!

So I pulled out the baking sheet and smooshed down the 1/2 melted chocolate with another waffle pretzel.

I let them sit at room temp until the pan was cool and then stuck them in the freezer until the morning (oh, and I am in LOVE with those ice cream bars propped underneath.
And THAT is it, folks! Easy, easy, easy!

Disclaimer: I actually did quite a bit of mini cooking projects this week. Mr. O and I made dumplings from scratch, I cooked quite a bit of pea pods, yeah I don’t remember what else, but this week was busy in the kitchen. This was my only solo project, so it just seemed best to share (plus, I didn’t take pictures of the rest!)

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