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So I’ve seen a few great posts out there in blogland of the items that are on people’s holiday wish lists, and I’ve decided to share a few of my own. In all honesty, there is really not very much that I want for the holidays this year. Ideally, I’d like to purchase The House (can you believe I want to GIVE the bank my money for my Christmas present?). That would make me the happiest this holiday season. But, besides that… well, I just don’t really need anything. Are there things I want? Of course! I want things all the time! I’ve just gotten better at differentiating between wants and needs. But for the fun of it, here is my “wish list” in no particular order… and no, it isn’t a complete list… but I didn’t overwhelm all  you bloggers that plan on buying gifts for me 😉

When it’s chilly, there is no reason to look frumpy (I can pretty much 100% promise you that I DO look frumpy in the Winter- THIS could change that!)
Just so you know, I WILL own this stamp (or a similar one) after Mr. O and I HAVE our house. Sigh. Hopefully soon. This is GORGEOUS!
How cool is this instant camera that prints out credit card size photos immediately? Damn cool.
Way too expensive at $60, but uber cool.
Obviously, this would need to be E <3 “Mr.O’s Initial”….Now you all know his name doesn’t start with a B!

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