When Mr. O and I opened up a joint bank account, I felt like an adult. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve acted like an adult for a long time. There are many adult-ish things I have done… but I’ve always been lacking in regards to relationships. I’ve never been in a real grown up relationship. And then I started getting bank statements with both of our names mailed to my house! It was (and still is every month) exciting.

But now, now I think I really am all grown up. Mr. O and I went to get pre approved for a mortgage tonight at our bank. The process wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I know nothing is different, because we’ve been looking for houses for quite sometime, but I guess the formality of the mortgage makes me feel like special.

But none of that matters. I just want to make a home a home with the man I love.


  1. Deanna Ogle says:

    I remember that feeling. I’ve been married for almost two years now, and I remember when we went to buy my car, I felt for sure like I should just go into the waiting room and let the adults handle the paperwork. Like, “Wait… I’m old enough to buy a car? How did this happen?”

    And for me, I get a retroactive happy feeling because when I see my maiden name on an old piece of mail, or someone calls me by it, it seems out of place. No, I’m Mrs. Ogle now. 🙂

    • erin says:

      Ha. I felt like that when I bought my car this year too. I was all by myself (well, I had a good friend with me) and when it came to making the final decision, I was like “isn’t someone supposed to tell me whether I can do this or not?”
      I understand the retroactive happiness. Looking forward to that feeling one day down the line. Right now, I’m just happy to see our names together 😉

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