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I’ve been looking at houses for a while now. A year ago I refused to search realty sites, because I knew at the time owning a home wasn’t realistic for me. When I started dating Mr. O, I got my house fix because he had been looking at houses, and allowed me to tag along. Well, we’ve been searching for houses for months now, and haven’t found anything we really love on the budget we are willing to spend. There was this one house. A house that we both actually thought could be our home. The price was reasonable, the neighborhood very quiet. It definitely needed work, but when we went there with the realtor and my father, we all realized it needed a lot more work than we were willing to invest in.

The problems with my house search are:

  • The prices in our house range are either two small or not to our taste/requirements
  • The houses we’ve both liked seem to go off the market just as soon as we get interested in them
  • People don’t post photos of the inside of their homes. That is my biggest pet peeve. Listen people, I can easily drive by your house. Shoot, I can even get out and walk around your yard. I can’t however see the inside. I’m not going to waste my time calling the realtor if I don’t know what the inside looks like. It is not worth any of our time.
  • Some of the houses I’d consider looking have ginormous taxes every year. Really?
  • School systems. This hasn’t played too much of a role in the decision-making process so far since we haven’t had many homes to compare. I like the schools in most of the areas we’re looking, but in one city, I’m not a fan of ├é┬ácouple schools, and I seem to always find interesting houses in those districts.
So… I’m going to keep thinking positive. I know my future house is out there, all I have to do is find it. In the meantime, people need to put up their houses for sale, and at very low prices. Oh, and post some damn pictures of the inside people. I really don’t give a shit how much of a slob you are… I just want to see what the building looks like.


  1. Holly says:

    Nathan and I are looking at houses too, though we can’t buy until we sell our condo – which we’re thinking is going to take awhile. It’s still fun to look, though! I HATE when people don’t post pics of the inside of their houses on realty sites – what’s the point of paying a realtor to list your house on their site without pictures of the inside?!? (Our realtor says it usually means it’s s dump!) But still …

  2. erin says:

    Ha! I know, why bother listing your home if you don’t put the pics of the inside! I get that it is probably a dump, or needs a lot of work, but it still frusterates me!

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