the life of a (dog)mom

Last night my dog threw up on me. Yes, like literally puked on my sleeping body.

Fenway had been whining a little, but I just ignored it. (Yup, I am that dog mom). The whining wasn’t getting her anywhere, so she tiptoed over to my face and nudged my neck with her wet little nose. Just as I was about to open my eyes, I heard her gag. It was too late for me.

I tried to roll over, but my tired body didn’t respond in time. All of a sudden, my ear and neck were covered in a hot, slimy substance.

Fenway puke.

My poor little pup.

Note: Chunky puke feels quite creepy in your ear.


  1. Holly says:

    Poor puppy 🙁 Our dog, Chloe, has gotten sick at night a few times. She whines, she scratches, she licks – and if I ignore, she starts gagging. Fortunately she usually gags long enough for me to grab her and carry her out of our room so she can be sick on the lino floor instead of our bed! I can’t imagine waking up to that. Ick.

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