sometimes you have to be a dirty dancer

Thoughts on Love: Lesson #2- Sometimes You Have to be a Dirty Dancer

Mr. O and I began at a comedy show a mutual friend was in. I had broken my foot a couple of weeks prior, and one of the comedians saw my crutches and started teasing me during his act. My love was sitting at the table across from me. I thought he was so handsome and in truth, had my eye on him all evening. The way his face lit up when he laughed was incredible, but back to the story…

“How’d you break your foot?” the comedian asked.
“Dirty dancing,” I answered immediately.

Did I really break my foot dirty dancing? No. Did the people at the comedy show want to know how I really broke my foot? Doubt it. I thought quick. It got everyone’s attention; I was only hoping it would get Mr. O’s. Then the moment was over. The show went on.

At the end of the night, Mr. O had escaped before I could introduce myself, but that didn’t stop me. I found a way to get in touch with him…sent him a message…told him he looked familiar…suggested a few ways we might know each other. When he responded, he knew exactly who I was: the Dirty Dancer from the comedy show.

The point of the story is simply that sometimes you have to try on other “shoes” (like walking casts for example). The Old Erin would never ever try to seek out Mr. O that night. She also definitely wouldn’t have sent him a message (knowing well enough they didn’t actually know each other). But the Dirty Dancer felt unstoppable. In fact, the Dirty Dancer didn’t stop to think about her actions, like Old Erin would have done. The Dirty Dancer simply acted, and that is what captured Mr. O’s attention.

Sometimes, that is just what you need when it comes to love: a new perspective, a road you haven’t traveled before, a different “type” than you are used to. Sometimes, even if you feel vulnerable and insecure, you’ve got to put those emotions aside and pretend that you aren’t. Sometimes, you just have to pretend to be a dirty dancer.

What about you? Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone in a relationship?


  1. elledoubleyouu says:

    I love this story! Most of the time I let insecurities stop me from being a “dirty dancer,” but I do I feel like almost every time I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and gone for what I wanted it ended up bringing positive outcomes.

    • erin says:

      Oh, yes. The same with me. I spent so much of my life holding beck because of my insecurities. And simple little insecurities. I know I’m a catch, so why not introduce myself to a guy, you know?
      But I think the main lesson I’ve learned in life in general is to take chances sometimes. Even if you feel like you’re impersonating a “dirty dancer”.

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