just in case

Things I should probably remember just in case I break another foot…

  • Do not hop in the shower. I repeat- do not hop in the shower!
  • Give up on even trying to blow-dry your hair. It isn’t going to happen. Not only will you lose your heels for a long time, but your luscious locks are going to look quite dull. Wait…now that I think about it… if you can sit while you dry your hair, you might be able to pull this off.
  • Warm fuzzy socks are a must.
  • If your foot gets freezing cold, put on a thin sock and then wrap it with an ace bandage and then put on a warm fuzzy sock.
  • You will develop the sudden need to do massive shopping, yet not be able to make your way around the store. Enlist some caring friends and provide them with a detailed list. If you don’t, then you’re guaranteed to not get what you want.
  • Just because you can feel where the bone is broken does not mean you should continue to poke and prod it. Eventually you’ll just hurt yourself.
  • Always keep it wrapped while sleeping. It hurts much less to move your foot in the wrong direction while wrapped than it does unwrapped.
  • Plan your trips up and down the stairs accordingly. You are not going to want to go up and down more than necessary.
  • Use the time you have in bed to write, because you certainly didn’t do that this time around.
  • Pretty much EVERYTHING you do has to be altered. Want to make a sandwich? Well, you better take everything out of the fridge at once so that you wont have to walk back and forth. You’re getting a ride to work? Well, make sure you don’t forget your car keys, or you will be locked out of your house. Going to the airport? Umm, how do you plan on walking, carrying your luggage and going through terminals? You get the point.

This list isn’t even a quarter of the way complete yet…


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