and who will it be?

So…trust in the process, right?

My task of the afternoon is to interview the 2nd half faculty of my MFA program and then submit a request sheet of the top three professors I would like to work one on one with over the course of my semester. I’m real lucky in the sense that I’ve interviewed many of the teachers already or had classes with them or knew people who worked with them, so there is really only one or two people I need to speak with.

But who? Who out of all these fantastic individuals do I list as my top three? It is quite the decision to make. Last semester I worked with Lary Bloom who was kind and motivating and perceptive and encouraging and direct and funny and understanding and wonderful. But who do I choose this time? I have two front runners. One of which I wanted last time, the other surprises me a bit. I’m actually surprised as to who I won’t be requesting, because I’d like to work with some professors so badly, but I just don’t think that right now is the right time.

The funny thing? I’m not actually the one who makes the decision. Once I submit my requests, the program director needs to sort out ALL the student requests and then figure out who will work with who. I was immensely lucky last time to get Lary. But the point of this post… Even if I don’t get one of my choices… I need to trust in the process. Sometimes, as much as I believe it deep in my bones, I need to remind myself to “let it be”. I’m nervous to submit my choices, but excited to find out who I’ll be working with.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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