welcome, y’all!

New Beginnings – aren’t they just the best?

I’ve always looked forward to starting a new journal- all the crisp white pages just waiting for stories to be written on them. But at the same time, I get quite nervous about how to begin. I feel like I need to tell my entire story right away, like I must update this new book on everything important in my life, but for what point? When a new chapter begins in your life, you don’t really do a synopsis on what has already taken place.

So here I am… at another blank page of sorts. The idea of starting reinventingerin (dot) com has been brewing for quite some time. But how do I begin? What should I start the “blank first page” off with?

How about right now I just say…hello. I look forward to getting to know you all and letting you get to know me…piece by piece, post by post, story after story after story.


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