Weekly Internet Finds: Take 16

If you haven’t yet seen the twin baby girls dancing in their high chairs to their father’s guitar playing, you MUST stop what you are doing right this instant and check it out. Seriously. Stop now, and watch these cute creatures.

I love Amy’s post about the two-year health journey she has been on. When we decide to change our lives, we expect sudden changes. Sometimes that happens, other times it doesn’t. What is most realistic is to expect a journey (like a two-year journey). I love this post.

Melissa’s vacation posts. I’m living vicariously through her. Did you see the pizzas in this post? They look incredible.

While I have (and love) my bucket list, I still loved this post by Brandy about throwing away the bucket list and start living life with urgency.

I adore the post Kerri wrote for Pooping Rainbows on regrets. We all have them. I say all the time that I don’t regret anything that has happened to me because it made me who I am and brought me to where I am now. That is true in a way. But I do wish that I didn’t have to experience certain things or maybe that I made better choices at times. ___________________________________________________________________________________

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Weekly Internet Finds: Take 15

Have you ever wondered when you should let go of a fading friendship? I have. I liked reading this post by the author of MWF Seeking BFF. It doesn’t answer your question, but it is nice to relate to another person. I think that fading friendships (especially when you have to make a decision as to whether or not to end a relationship) is one of the toughest things I’ve had to do in my grown up life.

Speaking of changes (not endings) in friendships, here is a beautiful post written by one of my former colleagues at Fairfield.

I’m currently living vicariously through Melissa’s summer travel abroad. She wrote a few goals for her travels, but I wanted to share them because I also think they are pretty smart travel goals.

How cute is this gorilla?  Seriously. He is so cool.

This is an interesting read I found in The New Yorker: Everything is Fiction.


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Weekly Internet Finds: Take 14

I know there are a few writers who read this blog. My friend Kate poses a great question. Why do you write?

I love to read about organization and time management, so I was excited to see this post by Amy about how she prepares her food for the week.

Are you interested in vlogging (video blogging)? Well in the most of August, many bloggers participate in #VEDA. Ashley has a great how to post about vlogging.

I’m so proud of Kristen. She has had a whirlwind year or two, and she consitantly works at creating a life she is proud of. She is now the sole owner of her home and I think we should all celebrate with her.


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Weekly Internet Finds #13

I loved Sarah’s overview of her BlogHer experience. She paced herself and didn’t set unrealistic expectations. I’d love to attend a huge blogging conference like BlogHer. Maybe next year.

I am so excited to link you to Dani’s post on vision boards. I am a huge believer of presenting your intentions to the universe. I also love the idea of vision boards, but it has been years since I’ve made one for myself. I’ve also always been pretty unhappy with the vision boards I have created because they always look messy, but I am head over heels with the way Dani has set up her vision board. It is neat, while still serving its purpose. I would love to make one of these for my house.

Do you live anywhere near Stamford, CT? If so, you should attend this reading by my friend A.J. O’Connell on Monday, August 13, 2012.

And speaking of friends who write books, I have an exciting announcement. My friend Colleen wrote a book about staging your home when selling. I haven’t read it yet, but I am sure it is informative and well-written. The exciting thing is that you can download her book FOR FREE this weekend (and this weekend only!).

Happy 38th wedding anniversary to my parents!


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Weekly Internet Finds #12

Do you know what today is? My first day of school for my final residency in graduate school. So exciting, yet I’m still sad to close this chapter of my life. Enrolling in Fairfield’s MFA program was one of the best choices I ever made. I’ll still be posting on here, but I don’t know if that means I’ll be sharing regular snippets of my day or one random sum-it-all-up post. We shall see!

I also didn’t really have much to share this week. Not because there aren’t great posts on the internet, but because I’ve been “starring” everything in my reader for when I actually have time to read it. I did read one thing I loved this week, so I thought I would still share with you. Holly wrote this great post on fear and compassion. Is there a way to find a balance while still making sure you’re protecting yourself?

Weekly Internet Finds #11

These photographs are breathtaking- so is the story behind it.

I loved reading the post on Yes and Yes about how to price your product. When you are a small business, pricing can be quite difficult- especially when you are selling to people you know. In my wedding planning/floral design consultation business, I always shortchange myself. I don’t think I’ve ever charged what I should be, and I can admit to that. Part of the reason is that I’m sometimes doing it as a gift to a friend or family member. But mostly, I have a hard time charging anyone I know. Usually I break about even after paying for the product and the miscellany that comes with the job, like gasoline to drive around, set up, etc. Word to the wise: You can’t make money if you always break even. I think I’m going to build up my business again now that school is soon over, and in doing so, set some fixed prices for my services. We shall see!

I’ve written about this a bunch of times before, but my friend A.J. has a great book. Now she is looking for people to name her protagonist. Yes. You can be the person who names her main character. You have until Jjuly 19th. Make it happen.

I loved Renee’s post about Kavalena and their clothing. Who knew you could do SO MUCH good by just shopping. Really- so much good.

Weekly Internet Finds #10

I have so many great posts in my reader. Can anyone teach me how to organize my reader so that there aren’t a BILLION things in my “starred” folder?

This post by Erin resonates with me. I definitely share her thoughts on Facebook jealousies, but more than that, I suffer from Facebook aggravation. I hate reading ignorant posts and rants from people I actually like. It makes me wonder why I’m actually friends with these people. I love social networking, especially with blog friends and school friends, but I might be done with Facebook sooner than later.

I loved this post by Kaci about the “stuff they don’t tell you” when it comes to mothering. Being a parent is a difficult job. You don’t morph suddenly into this god-like creature with perfect emotions and behaviors and thoughts. I wish more people shared the everyday parts of being a parent, versus just the rainbows and butterflies moments.

Have you read Amy’s race recap? One thing I love about reading Amy’s blog is witnessing the confidence she has. If you’ve been a long time reader of hers, you’ve been lucky to see her grow and change, but I love how fiercely protective she is of the people she cares about (her students for example) and I love how she is being all confident and protective of her own feelings/opinions (and kick ass tutu) in this post. After you read it, you should then click over to this post to find out how to make your own tutu.

I loved Doni’s post: “wherever you go, there you are.” She writes about intensive travelling, a week of drinking, and a shitload of emotions. It is raw, honest and relatable.

Weekly Internet Finds #9

Well it’s been a while, but I am back with a few links to share with you.

One new blog I found (through Pinterest) is Shanty to Chic. I love her tutorials, because everything is so easy and doesn’t seem the least bit overwhelming. Here is a tutorial for easy no-sew window treatments.

This is a great read for all writers.  Lauren DeStefano urges you to tell your story.

Are you a brilliant woman? More than likely that is a yes, because I’ve only got a handful of male blog readers. If you are a brilliant woman, Tara Mohr has ten rules for you.

I’ve seen this on Pinterest FOREVER but eventually I’d really like to do something like this for Mr. O. Maybe for our anniversary next year, we can create one of these together.

6-year-old Sam has cancer. Be a superhero and let him know you’re pulling for him. It’s easy. Kate will tell you how to do it, and if you can’t for whatever reason mail something to Sam, Kate will do it for you. Kate, you’re a hero.

This week is “officially” Write a Letter to Your Future Spouse Week. Have you done it yet? I did it! Peter came up with the idea (well, he’s been writing to his future wife for a while, and so many awesome other bloggers have joined in. You should too.

What Is Floating In My Head

  • I have to write a graduation speech. Any suggestions for me? I was picked to be the graduation speaker by my peers and I am beyond honored and excited to be the speaker. However I’ve only got a few notes written, and graduation is just a little more than a month away. Plus, the tricky part is that I’m graduating from a creative writing MFA program. You can’t write a sloppy speech if you’re getting your MFA in writing (with a graduating class of other writers).
  • I’ve been trying very hard not to waste money. In doing that, I’m limiting myself to only getting coffee once a week. Besides that, I’m making it myself. Now, I like my homemade iced coffee, but yet I still yearn for a coffee every time I drive by Dunkin. I think I just like it because someone else makes it for me. However, I’ve been putting some of Wolverine’s chocolate powder (for chocolate milk) in my iced coffee and it is making it sooo yummy.
  • I am in a state of half-lists. I keep making lists for work, school, fun, vacations, restaurants I want to eat at, etc. but the problem is that I either write the lists on post-its and lose them, or I write down one or two items but not the whole list!
  • My two blog series, To the Person Who and Weekly Internet finds, are ummm, napping. I promise to have them up again next week. Don’t you worry.

Weekly Internet Finds: Take 8

This has been a busy week for me. I’m actually doing very good on my May goal of being a better blogger. I’ve been actively searching out new blogs to add to my reader. I’ve been trying to comment on all the blogs I regularly read, and I’ve been doing great on keeping up with this series. In fact, I can’t believe that I am on week eight, and I haven’t been late or missed one week of my sharing posts.

I decided to mix it up this week. In all honesty, there were only one or two links I remembered to save and share. I will keep them in the queue for next week. This week, I am going to share some of the bloggers I read regularly and honestly adore. This will NOT be an all-encompassing list. In fact, I’m only going to put a handful of bloggers up here so that I can share more at a later date. There is a lot I want to update/change on my blog once I graduate (in TWO MONTHS!) One thing is my Blogroll section. I have a few ideas of how I would like to showcase some of my favorite bloggers, so I will definitely make sure to let you know when that goes live, but until them, here is a small sampling of some of my favorites.

San from The In Between Is Mine, is a blogger I “met” at the end of the year last year (or maybe the beginning of this  year?) who I adore. We are so like-minded and I love to email with her and read her blog posts.

Erin from The Speckled Palate is another favorite of mine. She is probably the blogging friend who I have known the longest. She is a fantastic photographer and shares the most incredible recipes. You don’t want to miss her blog.

Phil from Life In the Philloverse is my big brother in my MFA program. He graduated in January, and I’m going to miss him terribly this summer residency.

Alena writes at The Time Is Write and she also graduated from my MFA program. She is pretty new to blogging, and Oh EM Gee she is hilarious. I love her posts.

Angela Noelle writes at Tomorrow Is Another Day. There is so much happening in her life right now (Babies! Germany!) and she is doing a great job blogging about it all.

Weekly Internet Finds: Take 7

Ola, amigos.

First of all, I am loving this business card.

I also love this post on Superhero Journal about internalizing the lack of response we get from people. I am definitely guilty of this. It’s nice to know I’m not alone, but this is definitely a behavior that needs changing.

San writes a great post about blogging, and the community–or lack of community–amongst bloggers. I like San’s writing because we’re very similar and I just get where she is coming from.

Oh, goodness..YES. This is a good dating manifesto titled For Chrissakes, There Is Nothing Wrong With YOU: A Dating Manifesto.

This is a super great tutorial about how to paint over wood paneling by a friend of mine from high school. Check it out.

Weekly Internet Finds: Take 6

My goal for the month of May to be a better blogger. One of the sub-goals is to not let good posts waste away in my Reader. I’m glad I do these weekly post now where I can share posts I like, because I know that will help them from getting lost in my Reader (and in turn, this will help me complete my goal!)

First, I’d like to announce how very happy I am for Angela over at Tomorrow Is Another Day. After a long and emotional process (and RIGHT before she and her husband move to Germany!) she finally found out she was pregnant! With twins! She’s blogging about her journey and you can start at part one here.

Next, I want to share Caiti’s post on the Stratejoy site about creating a family. She writes about being unsure she wanted to have children, and then realizing she does, and now possibly facing infertility.

Speaking of Stratejoy, Molly is starting a Book Club. This month’s book is MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche.

I think my friend Ioanna did a terrific job writing a blog post about Roland Merullo’s ‘Demons of the Blank Page’ while still keeping it personal and writing about her own struggles as a writer.

I can definitely blame AJ for making me waste a night’s worth of thesis editing. Well, that isn’t true, I’ve got no one to blame but myself. Anyway, check out her post on infographics. After I read it, I went straight to Wordle and pasted each of my thesis stories to see what kind of graphic I would get. They were all so awesome that I considered including them in my thesis for one small minute. Until I realized there was no real point to put them in the thesis, but they did look cool either way.

Stacey’s post on melancholy was so interesting to me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that there will be points that I’ll feel really low, but I’m also a very UP person. So I identify with her in some ways, and in the ways I don’t, I’m really just so interested in her perspective. I thought this was such an interesting read.

Weekly Internet Finds: Take Five

This week I decided to mix it up and post some things that have been sitting in my Reader for a while. I have a tendancy to save posts that 1) I need to reference back to 2)I haven’t gotten a chance to read yet 3)or posts that were so awesome I “starred” them because I didn’t know what else to do with them. Now that I have this weekly post, I figured I’d go back into my Reader history and share some of the posts that have been hanging out in there.

Dani wrote a post about how to use the TAP method to stay present in our lives. This is aneasy way to evaluate your thoughts/actions.

I love Becky’s DIY balloon wreath. She posted some directions on how to make it, and she “claims” she isn’t crafty, and that anyone can do this. I think she is quite crafty and should give herself some more credit!

Molly, the founder of Stratejoy wrote something called the 12 Rules of Inner Confidence. I think it is a great read for anyone. Take some time to really think about how you feel about each one of the topics.

I loved this post Ashley wrote about a scar on her foot. I’ve always thought it was so interesting how our bodies represent our journey over time. I have scars, freckles, tattoos, strech marks. They all represent something, so I really appreciated this post of hers.

I’d like to consider myself a feminist. I know one fantastic feminist-  Renee- and I agree with much of what she says and writes about feminism. When Mr. O and I get married, I plan on taking his last name. I’ve always liked this tradition; I’ve also respected others views. Taking your spouses last name isn’t the right decision for everyone. It is a personal choice, and everyone is free to choose what feels right to them. Renee chose to take her husband’s last name when she got married, and I thought I’d share her reasoning.

Weekly Internet Finds: Take Four

Something would be very very wrong if I didn’t mention Tupac as my very first internet find. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you might not know that Tupac performed at Coachella this past weekend. I am so super bummed that I missed this. If you didn’t know, Tupac died in 1996, so seeing him in concert 16 years later is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’m okay with Sarah Silverman. Sometimes I think she is quite funny, but in all honesty, I don’t pay careful enough attention to have much opinion about her. However, I’m pretty turned off after reading an article on her “before and after abortion” pictures. I think Republicans are complete idiots for even wanting to overturn Roe-vs-Wade, and I have very stong opinions about that, but I do not think something like this most recent stunt of hers is in the smallest bit funny. In fact I think its insensitive and ridiculous. It has totally turned me off.

Amy is a year out of her 30’s and she wants to use this time wisely. She wants to go into her 30’s prepared and wise and happy. She’s looking for your advice. What do you wish you knew before you turned 30? Are you still in your 20’s? What kind of things are you doing, or do you want to do, before you turn 30? Head over to her blog and share your insight…or just wish her a happy birthday (it’s tomorrow!)

Have you checked out Ashley’s new business? Do you know any teenage girls? If so you all should check out her new website. Your Super Awesome Life is an empowering site for young ladies to encourage them to live authentically and appreciate their incredible lives.

My friend Linsey shared this poem with me a while back, and I think you’d like it: Having a Coke with You

Weekly Internet Finds: Take Three

Today is Friday the 13th!!

Last week I shared a link with a photobook Elise had created. I loved how she mixed in some of her own handwriting in these pictures. I’ve since been obsessed with her blog, especially her posts about Project Life. I don’t remember where I first found Project Life; it was possibly Pinterest. Since then, I’ve been dying to start a project, but I keep putting off buying the starter kits. I purchased one on Monday, got it in the mail on Wednesday and I’m ready to get started! (I’m more than ready; I’m actually a little obsessed)

I’ve always appreciated the Stratejoy blog, and I’m super into a post Molly did this week about Personal Quarterly Reviews. I think this is such a great idea. A company I worked for in the past does this, and I think it works much better than an annual review. I’m a bit late to the reviewing period, but I think I’d like to work on my own quarterly goals and review.

I’m going to meet Augusten Burroughs with my amazing friend Michaela next month. He is doing a reading/book signing in Boston and I purchased tickets yesterday for it. I was so bummed to find out that I recently missed Anne Lamott and Nicholas Spears a few weeks ago, and I’ve decided I’m going to be more proactive about meeting my favorite authors. Who would you love to meet?

I totally appreciate McSweeney’s posts, and I’m loving the most recent one I’ve read. An awesome MFA colleague of mine recently shared this to our MFA community and I thought I’d pass it on to you. Oh, and if you have a writer in your life, maybe you should look at this. And Finally, how do you guys feel about the font Comic Sans? Love it? Over it? Well, it has something to say to you.

Weekly Internet Finds

If you aren’t reading The Middle Finger Project, you are missing out. Check out her  newest post which is so aptly titled: Fuck Plan B. You’re on the A Team. Remember how last week I included two Ashley’s links? Yet again! MFP is written by Ash.

To keep up with the streak, Ashlee from Where My Heart Resides wrote a beautiful post about the mom she wants to be. I got a little teary. See, Ash/Ashey/Ashlee’s are taking over the blog-o-sphere.

Nora’s post about going to the library and StoryCorps really struck a cord in me. How cool is the premise of StoryCorps? I wish they came to people’s houses, and we could have StoryCorps parties and record everyone’s history. Wait… maybe something like that exists already.

A.J.’s post about Baby Fever was pretty fantastic. In fact, I’m honestly not sure whether the picture is of Ally McBeal or AJ. Because it seriously looks like her to me.

Alena, a friend from my MFA program who recently started a blog has many humorous posts. The most recent one made me giggle this week, but I’d honestly recommend that you check out her archives as well.

I loved this photobook of Instagram pictures. I especially loved how she used a sharpie to write in notes on the book. I totally think I will do something like this when my 365 photo challenge is complete. I love it! I’m new to her blog, and I am loving every post. I love when I find a new blogger to crush on.

And finally, this one is a tiny bit old (I didn’t read it this week), but I just noticed it in my starred items in my reader. If you check this out, I’d recommend starting at #1 and then reading your way to this link. Jennifer wrote her adoption story so beautifully. I read the whole thing twice. I don’t know her at all, but I am so happy for her.