Posture and Pudge

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I never realized until the past year how bad my posture is. At work, I hover over my desk. While standing, I slouch or lean.

My poor core is so under-appreciated and not strong. When I started yoga last summer (which was apparently a summer activity seeing as I haven’t done any yoga in months), I was shocked to see how much I needed a solid core, and how weak mine was. I have a small frame, yet because of the way I stand (aka slouch), my poor little tummy sticks out. I mean, like I look like a chubster, which is all fine and dandy until someone asks you if you’re pregnant…and your not. Thank you very much.

I’ve needed to lose some belly pudge for a while, but this post really isn’t about that. It’s about the fact that in the year I’ve been semi-consistently working out, I’ve realized how important my core is to my physical strength and to my well-being, and my core isn’t where it needs to be. I want to be healthy, and I want my back to be straight and not hunched as I “grow up.”

I’ve been looking for (easy) workouts that I can do to strengthen these areas. I’d love to hear some ideas if you guys have any!

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To My Future Husband: I’m No Longer The Girlfriend

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Hello love,

Here we are in a new stage of our relationship. It’s temporary, a middle ground between two different points in our life. We were once boyfriend and girlfriend. We will soon be husband and wife. For now though, we are fiance and fiancée. We are in this very short transitional period in our relationship, and I don’t know what to do with it.

I find myself  still introducing you as my “boyfriend.” When we were first engaged, I tried to fit the term “fiance” into conversations. I loved the idea of calling you my fiance; I wanted the world to know we had changed paths and were moving forward in a different direction. But when I hear myself say it out loud, I felt silly. I felt as if I should be saying it with an accent, and only when saying something extremely important.

And that–feeling silly calling you by your new term–is silly in its own regard.

There are only eight months (and one day) from the date of our engagement to the date of the wedding. It’s a short precious time, and I want to own our new fleeting status. As of today, there are only 54 days until we change titles again. We will move from fiance and fiancée to husband and wife, and that is where I hope we will remain forever.

So from this day forward, I commit to pushing past my title fear and calling you my fiance. You are no longer my boyfriend. That was a beautiful time in our lives that I will forever be grateful for, but that time has passed. For now, ever how brief, you are my wonderful fiance.

With my greatest love,

Your fiancée


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20 Weeks

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In twenty weeks, I will turn 30 years old, and enter a new decade of my life.

I’m actually pretty excited by this. I’ve never had the turning-30 fear that most of my friends have experienced. It doesn’t stress me out or make me feel old. In my world, the first 25 years were about figuring out who I am, and since then, things have just gotten better and better. I feel like I’m going into my thirties with a great grasp of who I am, where I am in life, and who and where I want to be.

But the closer I get to 30, the more I want to create an awesome ending to my twenties.

Seeing as how I’m at my 20 week mark, I figured now would be a good time to celebrate the end of my twenties. Over the next twenty weeks, I’m going to do a weekly post celebrating my twenties. For each of the first ten posts, I’ll be focusing on each year of my 20s. From there, I’ll post about the most memorable moments of this past decade.

And then… I’ll be 30, and starting a brand new chapter.

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Currently in April

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Reading: I finished a book! This is not a joke. I finished a real book: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. Running about 480 pages, this is the first book I’ve completed since graduate school. I spend so much time reading thousands of stories, essays, and poems for Spry that I don’t get to reading much on my own. Plus, every time I’ve started other books in recent months, I get distracted with life. So  yeah, reading 480 pages in 24 hours (in only two small sittings) was an awesome moment for me. I’m hoping I can finish 51 more books by the end of the year!
Listening: I’ve been living on Spotify lately as I’m trying to plan all my wedding music.
Excited: that there is less than 2 months until my wedding. I’m also terrified that there is less than two months. There is so much still to do! I’m also excited about a future announcement I will be making on the blog. I’ve accomplished one of my vague monthly goals, and I couldn’t be more excited. If you follow my personal page on Facebook, you’ll understand this reference. I’m also pretty excited that Wolverine made it to the Minor Leagues in youth baseball (he is only 7, and most of the kids on his team are 9).
Watching: Hell on Wheels (on Netflix). I’ll admit–at first I thought the show was stupid when Mr. O started watching it. Now I’m hooked. I’m still watching season 2 of House of Cards and enjoying that one too. In the past month I’ve finished a few movies: Gravity and Wolf of Wall Street. I’ve got Thor and 12 Year Slave ready to go next.
Wearing: On Sunday, I wore my flip flops for the first time in 2014! I’m looking forward to wearing them a lot more often. Also, in regards to what I’m wearing (or will be in two months), I bought my wedding jewelry this past Saturday. I’d love to show you a picture, but I’m wearing my wedding dress in the only pics I have right now.
Wishing: for some resolution on some open items. I have a lot to get done at work in a very short time frame, and I’m also waiting to set some dates in stone. I’m just going to push through enjoy my time with my coworkers in the meantime.
Drinking: Still enjoying my Lindeman’s Framboise. I’m lucky that Mr. O has picked up a bottle for me the past two weeks.Also, I’m pretty intrigued by the Downeast Cider I had at Chomp on Friday night. I loved it and was unsure about it at the same time. Overall, I think I loved it though.
Loving: all the really big changes happening in my life right now. Some are a bit scary, but all are super-awesome and totally exciting.
Loathing: This is a tough one for me. I don’t loath much. In general, I’m pretty happy-go-lucky. The only thing I really loath is snowy weather, but now that it is springtime, I might need to change these categories up a bit.
Admiring: My bridesmaids. They put on such a lovely bridal shower for me. It was the best bridal shower I’ve even been to. Yes, I might be a bit biased, but I still was so impressed and in awe of these lovely ladies. I can’t wait to do a more detailed post to show you all their hard work.

Check out: January, February, March

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April 2014 Goals

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  • Walk 30 miles. Lofty goal? (I hope not) But I already walked one today, so I only have 29 left to go.
  • Work on some professional goals.
  • Write 35 more small stories/essays.
  • Spring clean my entire apartment (and trash or donate what I do not need)


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Simple Joys

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On Saturday, Wolverine went to his first try-out ever. He’s played a lot of sports (soccer/baseball/football/basketball) since he was four, but this year is the first year he has to try out for a team. He was nervous about it, and go figure, the poor kid cut his foot on a toy the night before, but he did so great. Honestly, I know I’m biased, but he was one of the best kids trying out for the team. This coming weekend is round two of try-outs, and I think we will find out shortly after that if he makes it or not. The great thing is that even if he doesn’t make it to the next level, he gets to play on the same level he was last year, so no matter what he will get to play baseball. Either way, I’m super proud of him.



Leprechaun traps! This is the third year Wolverine and I have made a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also the third year in a row that the leprechaun escaped (with our gold!) from our traps. Talk about a major let down. We decided this year instead of our more detailed traps of the past, we were going to try to stay simple and focused. Overall, this was a great trap, and I’ll bet we came so close to catching the little bugger.


The funniest moment this year was when Wolverine invited my parents over to view his trap. They brought over their professional cameras and cell phones and this is what I walked in to see–a full photo shoot.20140317-134818.jpg


After I mailed my wedding invitations on Friday, I stopped by the Christmas Tree Shop and saw this.  It was awesome.



Today is my anniversary with Wolverine. Yes, you read that correctly. We met on St. Patrick’s Day in 2011, and since then, we’ve been celebrating our anniversary. This year, we made cards for each other and bought each other a few gifts from the dollar store. It was pretty awesome. I’m a very lucky lady.

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Currently in March

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Reading: A lot. Spry is in publication mode for issue #4, so I had to catch up on reading before we closed the submissions manager. Then I needed to read and reread and reread again the accepted work to either send to an editor or edit myself. Besides Spry, I’ve been reading all the awesome journals and books I picked up at AWP. That’s been fun. Listening: to Spotify. I’m trying to work on my wedding music lists. I really thought it would be awesome to walk up the aisle (after the ceremony) to “Another One Bites the Dust,” but it is a little too low energy for me. Bummer. I want something with a lot of energy at that point. If any of you have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them. Excited: That my wedding is in three months. There is so much that needs to happen from now until then, but I’m really just trying to live in the moment and embrace it all. Watching: Just finished Catching Fire. I really liked that movie and I was totally bummed when it was over. Where is Peta and why didn’t they save him too? Wearing: Right this second I am wearing sparkly silver shoes that I originally bought on clearance (for six dollars) for my wedding, but now that I think of it, I’m getting married in June, and I’m going to want to wear sandals, not slippers. So, while I doubt they will make an appearance at the wedding, I’m still going to rock the look.20140314-131040.jpg Wishing: things were a bit calmer in certain areas. I need more creativity in my life. I need to figure out to make a little more time for that. Drinking: Lindeman’s Framboise. Though, I saw someone post a picture of La Chouffe on Facebook this week and it made me want one. I’m also in a bit of a Moscato phase right now. Loving: My veil. It came in while I was in Seattle, and I just think its perfect. I need to get it steamed, and I want to try it on with my dress to make sure they look good together, but Loathing: The winter (did I mention that last time as well?). Spring officially starts in five days, but just a couple days ago it snowed all day here in Massachusetts.20140314-131326.jpg Admiring: Seattle- I really enjoyed my time there. I know I’ve been home for about two weeks, but I really did have such a great experience in the city. The food and drinks were fabulous. Check out: January, February

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Sending Out My Wedding Invitations

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Today I am going to the post office to mail out my wedding invitations. Today is also three months until my wedding. Some might think that mailing the invites out today is a little early, but I need to give specific counts to the venue about three weeks in advance, so I’d like them back as early as possible. So for all of you in blogland, here is a sneak peak at my invites. 20140314-135026.jpgI love how they turned out. We are playing off a slight flag theme (as we are getting married on Flag Day), and love the flag feature in the zip codes. The handwriting-font is also what we used on the invite itself. As you can see, we are inviting a few fancy people. I have real high expectations for President Obama to actually show up at the event. I’m even keeping a seat for him and Michelle at the Sweetheart Table.

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What to Do When Your New Favorite Snack Becomes Your Next Obsession

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In December, I bought Brookside chocolates as part of a birthday gift for my coworker who loves chocolate. A few months later, after she raved about how much she enjoyed them, I decided to pick up a box for myself. At first, I was pretty excited about this find. The boxes are filled with 100-calorie per serving bags, and I thought it was the perfect-sized treat for an afternoon at work. I even joked about how grateful I was to buy the box (so that I could eat just one bag) versus buying the bigger bag of them (because if I did, I would surely stick my hand in there and snack all day long). 20140305-103615.jpgAnd then the worst thing happened. One bag turned into two bags on a small lunch day. And then another time I ate two bags just because I felt like it. And the rest is history.

I cannot stop eating this chocolate-covered berry goodness! These are so good. I can easily munch through 3 or 4 bags in a sitting. I’ve actually been walking around my office giving away my tiny bags so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

So I guess the moral of this story is: Feast on the good stuff or parcel it out to other people or stay away if you haven’t tried it yet.

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